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  • Step 1 : Get Our Quotation

    Complete our online pet relocation china enquiry form with as much information as possible for us to give you an exact estimate of costs. Our skilled and reliable team will then contact you to lead you through your requirements and the available options.

  • Step 2 : Arrange Documentation

    Relocation of a pet requires a lot of paperwork, email correspondence, phone calls, Government Department liaison and attendant Veterinary services etc. But don’t worry!

    We will take care of all the necessary preparations to make the pet moving services become easy for them to be happy and effortless. Remember to let us know your pets’ special needs before the travel day (the early you tell us, the better we will be able to supply your pet on airplanes.

  • Step 3 : Organize For Your Pet’s Flight

    Let us know your preference schedule e.g. your relocation date and requirements, etc. and we will handle your pet’s flight that best fit your schedule with your consent. If there are several flight options available at the time, we will discuss with you the best option to suit your needs.

  • Step 4 : Deliver Your Pet All The Way Home

    We will arrange door-to-door pick up service on the day of travel. Or, if you prefer, we could meet you up at the airport and together we check your pets in for the big day. Our team will then ensure your pet is comfortable, secure and calm for the problem-free travel.

    You do not have to worry about any of the paper works, we will prepare them all for you. Just remember to give us all the necessary information and you can sit and wait for the reunion of your VIP family .


Free quotation for your pet relocation

Customs clearance

Airline travel arrangements for your pet

Door to door pickup and delivery

Veterinary inspection and document advice

Liaising with government departments, legal representatives and other agents

Arrange export check in assistance

Advice and guidance on special overseas requirements

Providing and advising IATA approved transportation carrier


About Us

At China Pet Transport, all you find is  about caring and being concern about your pet, in a life path we face relocating our living place and then the question will pop up is can I take my dog to a place I choose as a home country ?

Or how to avoid pet quarantine in china? And the answer is “yes “just about anywhere (domestic and international pet relocation assistance is offered) we handle exporting pets, Guangzhou pet quarantine, china pet transport treats your pet as a VIP services, such an airlines policy and pet check in will be under the controls of governmental standards, flying with your pets and have your pet safe and sound is our main recourse of duty.

Please fill out the Pet Travel Services Form to provide us with all the necessary information to meet your individual pet relocation and pet shipping needs.

We completely take the responsibility Animal Welfare Ac and applicable federal and airline pet check in transfer regulation.

The matter of fact is that we just don’t transfer cats and dogs from China but birds and little kitten and puppies are included in our safety VIP box, most of our Loyal Customers and clients come back to us for their next pet flight, and refer friends and family to us.

Our professional, friendly & customized pet services are some of the reasons we have people make use of our pet relocation planning again & again.

Military Troops

We support our troops! We understand often times PCS moves can be sudden and into unfamiliar destinations. We are here to assist you in making sure your furry family members are able to accompany you on the next exciting chapter of your life. For more information on our pet family move services please visit our import and export sections from the menu.

If you want to keep peace of mind while relocating with your pets get a quote from us today. At China Pet Transport we make it easy.